What’s New 2017

What’s New 2017
28 April 2015 ixidron
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Welcome to our new web site! Here you can get the latest information on our events and news.

On this new web page, the one you are currently on, we are getting our creative juices flowing with the aim to show you all the energy we put into our work and wine, and offer you closer contact to us, through reading our news, checking out our photos and contacting us directly.

From the new home page, to the pages dedicated to our products, our history and the wonderful land that surrounds us, you will find the content interactive and rich of images. We also invite you to follow us on our Facebook page.

Do you like our new look? We have chosen to show you our world through photos, our people and the passion in our work that we have every day to produce our wines.  We’ll have you enter our winery, walk in our vineyards and have you experience the Maremma wine tradition as we know it!

Respect for the land and the territory, the plants and the grapes is our creed, the motivation that constantly pushes us to bring you the real wine, as it was once, but with the attention and knowledge of today.

A rich mix of aromas and intense flavors, the strong impressions of the territory and our desire to transmit the same feelings we have every day when we enjoy a glass of wine while our eyes take in a typical deep red sunset of the Maremma.

Today, in the peace of pure country, as it was from the time of the Etruscans, experience the same emotions.

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  1. Julie 7 years ago

    I love this new Logo!! Looking forward to trying the new wines!

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