Iacopo Becherini

Our Story

Our Story

In 1999, the Florentine-based Becherini family relocated to an estate of 30 hectares in Maremma to rediscover a family heritage of producing beautiful wine. 

Dusty books with ancient secrets of winemaking were unearthed.  With each turning of the page, the family elders spoke of their memories of how wine was made in their days – “ai Vecchi Tempi.”

This immersion in the past, into the origins of the family, generated an experience full of emotions, feelings and memories, which had given life to La Chimera d’Albegna.

A new beginning and purpose:  To create a modern winery that honors the oldest of traditions and to share this true Tuscan wine with the world.

Before Tuscany, there was first Etruria, hence the references to the Etruscan traditions. The winery’s name depicts the infinite beauty and immortality of art, which 3000 years ago enchanted and embellished the civilization that preceded us.  Our logo was inspired by a masterpiece of Etruscan sculpture, which depicted la chimera, a mythological creature with a lion’s head and body, with the head of a goat arising from its back and a serpent’s tail.

Three generations of Becherinis have worked passionately, but patiently to realize their dream of releasing their first vintage by 2010.

The elders brought their experience, the young men and women incorporated the latest wine-making technologies and the children played in the fields while they watched, learned and “supervised” the work.