La Chimera d’Albegna is located in the Maremma, a large area in southern Tuscany, where once the fascinating Etruscan civilization flourished.

Maremma stretches between the provinces of Livorno and Grosseto, south of Siena, and it is known for its diverse terrain and natural features.

In the Divine Commedy, Dante Alighieri identified its borders from “Cecina to Corneto” from the Livorno coast to the top of Lazio.

Thanks to the variety of its landscapes and its particular climate, Maremma is a world class territory. It includes an intense blue shimmering sea and long sandy beaches, where one can admire deep and profound sunsets which tinge the sky thousands of shades of red. Further inland, one finds rolling green hills and endless plains, waving with fields of grain.

The remaining marshes of the Maremma are home to the large number of diverse and characteristic animals.

Finally, one cannot miss the thermal springs. An ideal destination for vacation travel, they offer a relaxing break and a look into the deep heart of the Maremma.


Thousands of years ago, the fascinating Etruscan civilization settled in this region, having found an ideal climate, both warm and fertile.

Here the Etruscans and then the Romans flourished for centuries, leaving behind important archaeological traces.

In the territory of Marsiliana, where La Chimera d’Albegna is located, it is believed there was the Etruscan city of Caletra.  In the late seventh century b.C., the city of Caletra reached its maximum development, demonstrated by the numerous and precious finds of the 109 tombs discovered and excavated in the early 1900s. Roselle and Populonia are also rich archeological sites.

The powerful Medicis lived here, as evident by the Medici wall in the city of Grosseto.  

Food and Wine

Maremma is famous for its culinary traditions, extremely plentiful and popular.  Its dishes, along with the region’s wine and olive oil, make this area a paradise for the senses.

Savor a glass of our Caletra as you fully immerse yourself in inland Maremma, taking in breathtaking views of the woods and hills as the sun sets into the sea in the distant horizon.

Maremma also invites you feel its freshness, well represented in our crisp Rosato; enjoy a glass by the sea, while listening to the waves lapping in the background.