Introducing our New Labels!

Introducing our New Labels!
16 February 2022 Chimera
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We are pleased to release three new labels for our wines: Suley, Pasha and Àgape!

We are a small producer and these labels are highly personal to us.  In addition to the wine, they are another way  we can communicate who we are, where we are from and tell our story to you.

What is concept behind our new labels?

The Color

The colors Pashà, Suley and Àgape respectively reflect the notes of the wines they represent.


Àgape Rosato
DOC Maremma Toscana

The Patterns

The geometric shapes and patterns are reminiscent of the Greek and ancient Etruscan catacomb cave paintings. The golden thread recalls the fluidity of the wine and embellishes the texture. Together they emit the history and traditions of The Chimera d’Albegna’s land, while providing a modern and dynamic energy, representing the techniques and the experience of our winery.


Pashà IGT Toscana 

The Initials
: Providing an immediate visual impact, the initials strengthen the wine’s name, and are the base on how the graphics were conceived.
Did you know Suley is the nickname of the owner’s daughter, while Pasha is a combintation of names of the two matriarchs, Patrizia and Shaza, of the Becherini Family?


Suley IGT Toscana


We aim to transmit our story not only through our wines, but  through our labels, with the goal of connecting you to our family and our wines. Cheers!




























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