New Year Letter 2020

New Year Letter 2020
18 February 2020 Chimera
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Dear Friends and Associates,

Here we are, another year has passed, full of satisfaction of the quality of our wines. We thank you for the continued support you have given us during 2019 and for the start of new collaborations, may they last over time.

The 2019 harvest proved to be very positive: the spring rains and the moderate temperatures allowed the length of the maturation to be extended, therefore more homogeneous. The alcohol percentage obtained was slightly higher than previous years, and we had a good increase in production, partly due to the passage of some vines to the Guiot system and the weather conditions.

Despite the rainy autumn, the vineyard is ready for the new season and we transferred even more vines to the Guiot training system.

After the great success and the curiosity aroused in years past, we produced Suley 2019, a white wine obtained from the white vinification of Sangiovese grapes, with the addition of small quantities of Vermentino and Chardonnay, vines now traditional in Maremma. Once again Suley is a highly structured white, with the typical characteristics of Sangiovese, mitigated by the freshness and aroma of traditional white grapes.

Based on the success of the last two vintages, we have increased the production of  Pasha 2019,  a white obtained from grapes Chardonnay and Vermentino.

Later this year, Caletra 2017 and Sangiovese 2018 will be ready. These two wines have given us great satisfaction by achieving excellent scores by important international guides and journalists.

Below you will find information on the wines that will go on sale in the coming months.

I renew my invitation to meet you personally, both in the winery and at the upcoming fair, to taste together the vintages that will come out in 2020 and to experience firsthand La Chimera d’Albegna.

We look forward to seeing you.

Warmest Regards,

The Chimera d’Albegna Staff

VINITALY 2020, 14-17 June  2020, Pad. 9 B16


Rosato 2019
A fresh and fragrant rosé produced from Sangiovese, Syrah and Merlot grapes. The fermentation occurs at a controlled temperature  of 16° in steel tanks where it then remains for a few months to age.
Rosato 2019 will be available from May 2020

Pashà 2019
A white wine obtained from Chardonnay and Vermentino: Notes of fruits and flowers give the classic freshness of Chardonnay and represents tradition thanks to Vermentino.
Pashà 2019 will be available from  May 2020

Suley 2019  
A white wine obtained from red Sangiovese grapes; in the winemaking process only the juice is fermented, not with the skins.
Suley 2019 will be available on the market from May 2020.

Caletra 2017
A blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and  Merlot which give off their best expression. After a temperature-controlled fermentation in steel tanks and 12 months in second passage barriques, a refinement of six months in the bottle will follow to obtain the best balance for this wine.
Caletra 2017 will be available on the market from September 2020.

Sangiovese 2018
Obtained primarily  from the Sangiovese  grape with a small  percentage of Canaiolo and Alicante. Fermentation takes place in steel tanks at a controlled temperature. We prefer bottle aging.  An intense ruby red with aromas of red fruit.  A well-structured wine and fresh on the palate, it pairs well with many dishes, and also served cold in the summer.
Sangiovese 2018 will be available on the market from May 2020.

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