La Chimera’s Tuscan Rosato: What are you drinking this summer?

La Chimera’s Tuscan Rosato: What are you drinking this summer?
18 May 2017 Chimera
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Rosato is the Italian name for Rosé wine, where in Italy, they are strongly associated with their specific region.Our Rosato is a DOC Maremma Toscana, and it starts with our red wine grapes Sangiovese and Canaiolo – the same grapes used to make Chianti.

The juice sits with the skins for only 8 hours before being bled off, classifying it as a“vino di una notte”, or a “one night wine”,a wine made with shorter macerations.

In doing so, a stunning pink, salmon hue is developed. The color is brighter, more alluring, than its pale rosè counterparts from Provence.

The grapes deliciously deliver their exemplary flavors of cherries and berries, with hints of white floral aromas.  Its excellent, crisp acidity enhances its freshness.
In May 2016, our Rosato received international recognition by winning a silver medal in Certamen TopWines Competition in Spain.

Rosato Serving Tips and Food pairing

Although we all have our preferences, the temperature at which wine is served can have a major impact on the taste of any wine. Dry rosé wine should typically be served chilled to maximize the flavor. So we say break out the ice bucket, Rosato is all about freshness!

Rosato can be enjoyed so many ways. Many think of it as a crisp, summertime wine to be enjoyed alone. It is ideal as an aperitif; try pairing it with cured meats, salami and crostini.  It’s quite versatile and goes well with white meat and fish dishes. A favorite pairing of ours is with oysters, grilled fish and sea fruit dishes.

It’s time for a crisp, delicious glass of award winning Rosato! Cin Cin!

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