Discover Maremma: A Day in Pitigliano

Discover Maremma: A Day in Pitigliano
18 January 2018 Chimera
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A town built on Tufa rock, Pitigliano is an impressive extension of the hill, as the buildings seamlessly merge upwards on the volcanic ridge they are perched upon. In this charming village, with sweeping views of the dramatic green valleys, life passes with a calming rhythm.

One comes to Pitigliano to lose themselves among its narrow alleys, browse the numerous artisan shops, taste local products, immerse themselves in the colors of the tufa, take in the smell of wood burning from fireplaces and imagine themselves in another era. It’s an endless pleasure to all the senses.

In every street you find something interesting. Wandering through the town, you will come across medieval and renaissance monuments, including the Cathedral of SS. Pietro e Paolo, the church of Santa Maria and the Orsini Fortress and Palazzo.  Other sites worth taking in are the fountain of the sette cannelle, the 16th century aquaduct, the towns walls and gates, the ancient Jewish Quarter, Piazza Becherini and Etruscian walls and remains.

For those looking for a light lunch, stop by “Delizie di Ale e Helga”.  This small café offers delicious typical local products, in a cute, cozy vintage atmosphere. On your table is placed a 100 lire coin for you to choose 2 songs on the juke-box.  If you like any of the delicious marmalades, pâtés, sauces, vegetable spreads, cheeses and salami you have tasted during your meal, most are available for purchase in their small adjacent shop.

Pitigliano is a small walled city that can be visited in 2-4 hours, and if you include a museum and a meal, the entire day.

Once you are finished with Pitigliano, it is wine tasting time at La Chimera d’Albegna. Come visit our land, olive groves, lake and vineyards.  Learn about our wines from the Maremma and talk directly to us, our family, the wine producers. Sample our Rosato, our classic Sangiovese, our top level Chimera Riserva and our sweet Passito, to name a few.  Relax on our outdoor terrace or tasting rooms, while you take in a warm Tuscan sunset with a glass of our wine.

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Delizie di Ale e Helga
Via Roma, 130, 58017 Pitigliano, Italia


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